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Milano Expo 2015. Il  primo maggio, giorno di inaugurazione  di Expo Milano 2015 sarà possibile scaricare gratuitamente in formato Ebook “Novel of the World”: una raccolta di 104 racconti da 100 Paesi.
Il progetto realizzato da “We-Women for Expo” in collaborazione con Expo Milano 2015, con il Ministero degli Affari esteri e con la Fondazione Mondadori è scaricabile su www.we.expo2015.org. 

La copertina dell'E-book

The act of feeding as told in the four corners of the earth.
The Novel of the world is an extended story formed by lots of stories – tales, thoughts, memories and recipes. Each story speaks of nutrition, whether for the body or for the soul. And each story carries the reader to another land and language. Over 100 women from different countries coming together for Expo 2015. Each one has written in their mother tongue: the book will reproduce the texts in their original language and in English.

There are a number of internationally recognised writers who have contributed to this project, authors of bestsellers acclaimed across the globe and others who, by writing in English, have drawn many readers to the traditions and culture of their country. But in addition to these authors, already part of a global literary heritage, the Novel offers a number of surprises: writers who have not yet reached an international audience, new names which, just like the countries they come from, are yet to be fully discovered.

The Novel will be a manifold and diverse book, written in about thirty different languages (Arabic, Italian, English, Farsi, Armenian, Spanish, German, French, Bosnian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Georgian, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Latvian, Maltese, Mongolian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian).

Different voices that are often culturally very diverse, coming together in harmony and in the name of memory, nutrition and food, both material and intellectual. The Novel is thus a grand story made of meandering comings and goings that envelope the globe. A web of interwoven tales that speak of food and memory, about the life of every single woman on the planet.
Le Ambassador WE
Le donne del mondo, di ogni cultura e Paese, sono invitate a partecipare a WE
Fra loro, le figure di spicco della letteratura e della scienza, dell’arte e della politica, dell’imprenditoria e della comunicazione, sono le Ambasciatrici WE, che diffondono e testimoniano l’importanza di fare rete, in un unico grande WE, “noi”.

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